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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Poultry in Wine

Not every 'recipe' has a spot on the food calendar two days! What's coming up is really good if you like French cuisine, especially poultry cooked with wine. Why? Because this IS the second time around to bring France to your table.  March 22 marked celebration of Coq Au Vin Day, not to be confused with National Coq Au Vin Day which is today.

May 29 is...


Literally Coq au Vin means “Rooster with Wine.” Through time it has become better known as "chicken cooked in wine" since the rooster is not so commonplace in the local supermarket. If you live countryside, the roosters are more prevalent but perhaps the neighbors would be a little wary of you 'chasing' after their roosters. After all, the rooster is morning's wake up call!
Rooster is not commonly eaten in the United States because its meat is tough and dries out easily. However, it is sometimes used in French cuisine, most notably in coq au vin, or poultry in wine. Cooking rooster to a tender texture is a time consuming and challenging process; however, if you have roosters available from a farm or butcher shop, your efforts can turn rooster meat into an appetizing source of protein. [Source: Livestrong.com]

Getting hungry? Recipe Time!
Get to work & get it made...
Whether chicken or rooster, it's poultry in wine!
Pick up some pinot noir and send your taste buds on a trip. Recipe

If you missed the link in the beginning go to Bring France to Your Table for more Coq au Vin recipes!