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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Candy You 'Pull'

Either as a kid or an adult with kids, each of us at some point in time has visited a State or County Fair. One of the most memorable events could possibly be the taffy-pull. Surely if the 'pull' was not part of the activities the sweet, chewy, delicious, brightly covered candy was enjoyed piece by piece. In fact, so much so you may have ended up buying a whole bag, then, waiting when that was gone until the next year to load up again. Of course, with today's vast number of confectioneries, you do not have to wait at all.

May 23 is...

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Other possible sources of taffy are beach vacation spots. More often than not, this taffy is referred to as saltwater taffy. Question is...

Is there salt water in saltwater taffy?
Actually, no. There is salt—and water—in saltwater taffy. But it isn’t made with ocean water, despite the fact that it’s so widely available at seaside vacation spots.
So how did saltwater taffy come to be? One story holds that a seaside candy store was flooded by a storm and the resulting saltwater-logged taffy was discovered to be delicious. However, this story is probably apocryphal. [Source: Science of Cooking]
If you are one who enjoys taffy, you do not have to wait for the State or County Fair, go on a beach vacation or even visit the candy store.
Homemade Saltwater Taffy Recipe

Nor are you limited to simply a piece (or pieces) of candy...

Regardless of the way you celebrate National Taffy Day, just be sure to include some 'taffy' music!