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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bring France to Your Table

Upon occasion, information on the Internet can't reach agreement. Such is the case on many days of celebration which leads to only one conclusion: Celebrate not once but twice for seldom does the true origin appear. Today, French! That's what you get! Simply put, a fancy name gets you to basically enjoy chicken cooked in wine not only on this date but again on May 29.

March 22 is...
Coq au Vin Day
 Bringing the flavors of France to your table!

 Shortcut Coq au Vin Recipe
The origin of Coq au Vin is unknown with two popular myths being Napoleon or Caesar. What IS known is the recipe's very, very old - at least 400 years - but did not become popular until the 1900s. Since that time Coq au Vin has become widespread in French recipes, inside and outside of France. While the basic recipe is simply chicken cooked in wine, there are many variations.

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In the French region of Bourgogne (which the English known as Burgundy), a red wine is typically used. Recipe
In some areas, a white wine is preferred since it complements the flavour of the chicken instead of overpowering it. Recipe
Certain regions command a Reisling white wine as the traditional ingredient. Cream and morel mushrooms are often added. Recipe

The king of the Coq au Vin recipes is traditionally made with Vin Jaune yellow wine. Recipe
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