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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Good Neighbors 'n' Golf

Um-m-m-m? As written on the internet! When to celebrate, when not to celebrate. Your guess is as good as mine since agreement went out the window when it comes to reporting on the world wide web! You will see what I mean as you venture forth in celebration on May 18. 

Being neighborly is a sense of community, coming together, lending a helping hand. Not a day should go by without being a good neighbor! Playing golf initiates time together with family members or friends offering camaraderie in the midst of a sporting challenge without hitting someone in the process. Putting the two together provides opportunities for neighbors to enjoy partly sunny, breezy, sometimes chilly mornings and afternoons taking their frustrations out on a tiny white ball.

With those thoughts in mind, here are two reasons up for grabs in celebration.

May 18 is...
Neighbor Day
(Also celebrated on the Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend along with other neighborly holidays including Won't you be my Neighbor Day (Mar 20), Be My Neighbor Day (Mar 29), Neighbor's Day (Sept 27), National Good Neighbor's Day (Sept 28), & who knows how many more. Sounds like being neighborly is a GOOD idea!)

Even though the exact origins of Neighbor Day cannot be accurately traced, as the holiday seems to have popped up almost randomly in various places at various times, one thing is universally valid: Neighbor Day is all about caring and sharing. Good neighbors are sometimes hard to find, some neighbors just simply don't want to be bothered, while others may become the best of friends. Instances of controversy may even arise so whether you’re looking to bury the hatchet or an opportunity to get to know a neighbor(s) better, Neighbor Day is the perfect invitation to do so. Better still, think about the people you actually know in your neighborhood. Don't know them all? Make today the day to introduce yourself and/or family.

There are no rules written in stone as to how to celebrate Neighbor Day, so you’re free to use your imagination: throw a neighborhood party, invite some neighbors over, grill out or go out – possibilities are limitless as long in bringing you closer to your neighbors and allow you to get to know them better.

Despite the fact that Neighbor Day lasts just a day, that doesn’t mean it should be the only day to care about your neighbors.

May 18 is also...
 Golf Day
(National Golf Day is celebrated on October 4.)

Golf Day’s origin is shrouded in the myth and legend of this particular sport. Some people say its origins lay in 1916, when the first professional golf tournament was held on this day. Others claim that the first tubular steel golf club shaft was allowed to be used in championship play for the first time on this day. Whatever the case, invite a friend or maybe a neighbor, it’s time to get outdoors and tee off!

A Bit of Golf History...
The history of Golf is agreed upon to a certain point, but its ancient history is as contested as your partner's Birdie. The accepted history of the game goes back to 15th century Scotland, though it has the ignoble origin of being banned by James II in 1457. It would seem his majesty felt that this fine game was serving to distract his men from the more gentlemanly art of archery. But this is only the first occurrence of it being mentioned as ‘Golf’, there are games that are at the very least identifiable as progenitors coming from the Romans and Chinese, and potentially even the Persians.

How much do you know about the game?

The game of Golf is played upon a course that has a certain number of goals to reach. Each of these goals contains a hole precisely 4.25” in diameter. This may seem an arbitrary number, and in fact, it is! The size of a hole in golf was determined by the size of a pipe used to reinforce a crumbling hole in St. Andrews, and thus it has been such ever since! The hole is located in a special place on the course known as the green, so named for the specially tended grass that makes it stand out from the rest of the course.

As you probably already know, throughout the course are variances in terrain and unwelcome hazards, from pools of water to pits of sand. There are many areas that get in the intrepid golfer's way as he or she tries to get from the beginning of the course to the coveted hole at the end. A golf course typically consists of 18 holes, but 9-hole courses exist, merely requiring you to play through them twice for a full round of 18 holes.

The Driver
Everyone who has heard of Golf has no doubt heard of the various types of clubs, even if only in old cartoons or in off-color jokes. There are three basic types of golf clubs, the first being those known as ‘woods’, which are club with long shafts and large heads, intended to drive the ball over long distances from open lies, such as a fairway or tee box.

The next type are known as ‘irons’, being a type of club with a short shaft and a head of solid metal with a mostly flat striking surface. These can be used for many sorts of shots, but are typically used for short distances when approaching the tee. 

The Putter

The last type is called the ‘putter’, a club designed specifically for the purpose for which it was named, putting the ball across the last stretch of green into the much coveted hole.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer, or new to the sport, this day would be the perfect day to get out to the green and play a few holes. Just remember to invite a neighbor along since today is also Neighbor Day

Don't worry about the score card today, just have FUN!