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Sunday, October 23, 2016

That’s “baloney!” Or is it “bologna?”

More than likely at some point in time you have heard the expression 'Now that's just a bunch of baloney!' Question becomes, is it baloney or bologna? Even though both words are spelled differently, their pronunciation is quite the same. The majority of the time the saying is expressed orally, rather than written, so you may not have ever thought about the difference. Well, let's see what all this has to do with a celebration of the day.

October 24 is...

National Bologna Day
Bologna has been found in the lunchboxes of American youth for decades. Thinly sliced, it is slapped between two slices of white bread, but never served naked, instead dressed out with yellow mustard.
Of course, if you are from the South, the bologna must be fried...
But what does the cold cut, bologna, have to do with baloney, a slang word that implies nonsense?
The bologna sausage is traditionally made from the “odds and ends” of chicken, turkey, beef, or pork. It is the American version of Italian mortadella, which originated in the Italian city of Bologna. The inexpensive deli meat is often pronounced and spelled “baloney.” Check out how this bologna is made if you dare...

Variations on the bologna sandwich...
Grandma's Pittsburgh Fried Bologna Sandwich & MORE Recipes
Ways with bologna other than a sandwich...
 Fried Bologna Casserole Recipe

Ring Bologna & Beans Recipe

Ready to try something new with bologna?

Bring out the bologna...bring out the kid in you!


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