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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#Brown-Bag-ItDay & #NationalWineDay

Have you ever packed a brown bag for lunch? That question could apply to yourself (work) or perhaps for a child (school). An even bigger question might be have you ever included a bottle of wine in that brown bag? No! Not for your kid's lunches! This, of course, might be the companion for that brown-bag-lunch-picnic. Anything's possible. Maybe today is just that day!

May 25 is... 
National Brown-Bag-It Day

Brown bag lunches...quick and nutritious. Brown bagging it does have its advantages. You can pack only what you LIKE, save money and eat healthy.  A disadvantage might be you are a yogurt, salad, cottage cheese kind of lunch person and there is no refrigerator. There is, however, the availability of insulated lunchboxes with an icepack that works quite nicely, especially when you have your favorite leftovers and a microwave IS available. For the kids, all-time favorites include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh fruits, raw veggies and protein bars. Then, there is the Thermos for perhaps soup or a warm beverage, such as coffee or cocoa.
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 May 25 is also...
National Wine Day
The morning calls many of us to the kitchen for a steaming hot cup of coffee. The evening welcomes relaxation at the close of day with possibly a glass of a favorite wine. It may also be the perfect beverage accompaniment at lunch or at dinner time. If a picnic is planned, then, a bottle of wine is definitely in the picture. On May 25 participate in National Wine Day with a toast of a domestic or an international wine. Celebrated each year, it has a sister holiday in February, National Drink Wine Day. Enjoy but remember to drink responsibly.
Fun Facts About Wine
  • Wine has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and slow the progression of neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  • Five ounces white or red wine has approximately 120 calories.
  • A good rule of thumb when cooking with wine is to never use a wine to cook with that you wouldn't drink. Don't use cheap "cooking" wines.
  • A common misconception is that wine (and other alcohol) will completely dissipate in cooking. Trace amounts of alcohol do stay, so keep this in mind if this is a concern.
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If you are not a connoisseur of fine wine, remember wine is used in recipes as a marinade, flavoring a sauce, or as the base of a beverage like Sangria. Find recipes using wine as an ingredient.