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Friday, May 20, 2016

Day of the Blue Jeans

How many pairs of jeans do you have in your wardrobe? Have they become a common every day item of clothing or just an occasional TGIF and weekend relaxer? No way around the popularity of the jean with blue jeans at the top of the list. They have become so versatile a sport jacket adds a bit of classiness to a casual style.

This Day in History: May 20, 1873


While the above logo's evolution spans from 1901 to 1983, we know that was not the beginning nor is it anywhere near the end. Can you imagine life without blue jeans? They are definitely a staple in anyone's wardrobe...from the most humble to the richest of the rich with absolutely NO age limit!

The Levi’s brand symbolizes the USA

Founded by two immigrants, Levi Strauss (Löeb Strauss), a merchant from Bavaria, and Jacob Davis (né Jacob Youphes), a tailor from Latvia, who came to America in mid 50s of the 19th century in search of the American dream.
When news of the California Gold Rush made its way east, Levi journeyed to San Francisco in 1853 to make his fortune, though he wouldn’t make it panning gold. He established a wholesale dry goods business under his own name and served as the West Coast representative of the family’s New York firm. In 1863, Levi renamed his company “Levi Strauss & Co.”

Around 1872, Levi received a letter from one of his customers, Jacob Davis, a Reno, Nevada tailor. In his letter, Davis disclosed the unique way he made pants for his customers, through the use of rivets at points of strain to make them last longer. Davis wanted to patent this new idea, but needed a business partner to get the idea off the ground. Levi was enthusiastic about the idea. The patent was granted to both men on May 20, 1873: the day the blue jean was born. Read the entire story...

A few tidbits of jeans trivia...

 Do you know why Blue jeans are traditionally sewn with Orange thread?

The orange thread traditionally used to sew Levi Strauss blue jeans was intentionally selected to match the copper rivets that doubled the durability of the jeans.
Source: That Explains It!

 Ever wonder why jeans are called 'jeans'?

In Genoa, Italian sailors used to wear cotton trousers and the French called the people of Genoa ‘Genes’ and this is how the word ‘jeans’ came into existence.
In Genoa, Italian sailors used to wear cotton trousers and the French called the people of Genoa ‘Genes’ and this is how the word ‘jeans’ came into existence.
Read more at http://www.magforwomen.com/did-you-know-these-facts-about-denim/#2GQAbRBZMoUulylM.99

In 1936, a red flag was sewn next to the back pocket by Levi Strauss and that was when the first label was ever attached to a piece of a garment.

So, how many pairs of jeans do you have in your wardrobe? 

About 450 million jeans are sold in USA alone each year. On an average, every American owns at least about 7 pairs of jeans.

Happy Birthday, Blue Jeans
Today you are 143 and still fit as ever!
Let's celebrate a legend… the father of causal cool and the mastermind behind blue jeans… Of course, I’m talking about Mr Levi Strauss!

In 1873, together with tailor Jacob Davis, Levi Strauss created the original and very first blue jean… the iconic Levi’s® 501!