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Monday, May 16, 2016

♫The Sound That Changed America♫

Behind every new music release is a record company. Some are small time, some start out small time, then, become absolutely legendary. The latter is the case for one in today's history music spotlight with its memorable hits, charts, people and events: Motown Music - The Sound That Changed America.
Today in Music History: May 16, 1964

Go back first to the year 1959 when Berry Gordy started Tamla Records.  A string of hit records were the result of a record company being run out of a house purchased in Detroit, MI. Here are a few you might remember:



"Shop Around" by The Miracles (1960) and 

That was only the beginning. Venture into the Spirit of the 60s Music. In 1962, Berry Gordy offered Mary Wells, an aspiring young singer, a recording contract. However, there was a catch: Gordy was interested in making a record with Wells but not under the Tamla label. His aspirations at this point leaned toward a brand new label that had no identity or reputation in the marketplace: Motown, an American record company. Sound familiar? 

Wells was not really in a position to argue so she signed on as the fledgling label's very first artist. Two two years later, Mary Wells gave Motown its first #1 hit when "My Guy" reached the top of the Billboard pop chart on May 16, 1964.


Mary Wells, who gave Motown its first #1 hit on this day in 1964, 
died of throat cancer at the age of 49 on July 26, 1992.

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...