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Life IS history in the making. Every word we say, everything we do becomes history the moment it is said or done. Life void of memories leaves nothing but emptiness. For those who might consider history boring, think again: It is who we are, what we do and why we are here. We are certainly individuals in our thoughts and deeds but we all germinated from seeds planted long, long ago.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Not a daily double but today is a day of triplicity! It is absolutely great when you have more than one celebration, especially when each one of them is a foodie! Click the images or the celebratory day for access to some scrumptious recipes.

May 3 is ...

 You still have time to make this dessert for dinner! Check out the Recipes...

National Raspberry Tart Day

  National Raspberry Popover Day.

National Chocolate Custard Day
Applaud the day of triplicity!

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!