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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hugs & Cuddles

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Think back on days of your childhood. Most (notice not all) children grow up with their own special 'teddy' - meaning, of course, a teddy bear. This source of love and comfort often times becomes a BFF (best friend forever) offering calmness and warmth within the best hugs ever. The teddy bear is all about sharing and caring, which is why you are invited to a dual celebration.

September 9 is...
National Teddy Bear Day

Origin of the Teddy Bear
For many, that first bear will always be close at heart whose fluffy fur became rather frazzled from innumerable hugs and cuddlings. Perhaps that special bear is a friend to this day lying in wait for that goodnight hug or one just as special having been received as a gift at some point in time through the years. In either case, the delightful sensation of comfort and cheer is a warm association with that furry little friend, especially when apart from friends and family. Teddy also presents the perfect excuse to want to give someone a hug! So, why not pass along numerous loving teddy bear hugs much the same as on Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

Each time you feel the least bit disgruntled think about a teddy bear and smile...a B-I-I-I-G smile. If you happen to have one close at hand, maybe even grab him by the arm and give him a B-I-I-I-G squeeze! He may not be able to smile back but his presence will surely warm your heart making you feel better instantly! Of course, as you go through your daily routines, look for all the human 'teddies' just waiting for a hug. Everyone knows bear hugs are a source of love and comfort. You just may make someone's day!

Have a 'bear'-ry good day and...

September 9 is also...
Care Bears Share Your Care Day

At their core, Care Bears have heart and are all about love, caring and sharing with others.
For nearly 35 years, Care Bears have taught children of all ages about sharing their feelings and caring for others. The Care Bears toy line was originally introduced in 1983 to caring fans everywhere and they’ve never been out of the heart and minds of fans since. Recently, the huggable Cousins have been reintroduced for digital natives on Netflix in the Netflix Original Series: Care Bears & Cousins. Read MORE...

With the teddy bear being all American, 'tis a great day to enjoy the classics...

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