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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Burger, burger...this time with CHEESE!

WOW! What is it with all the burger days? Of course, the answer to that question is simple: because they are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good! During the month of May, you could have indulged on any day since it was National Hamburger Month. Then, you were encouraged on May 28th to Have it your way! on National Hamburger Day in National Hamburger Month. According to wikipedia, May 28th is International Hamburger Day and August 27th is National Burger Day. That gave you a choice or you could have simply celebrated on both days since you may have been eating burgers all month anyway. Whew! May 28th is also designated as National Burger Day in the UK, which was launched in 2013. 

Burger, burger...this time with CHEESE! Harumph, harumph! As though we left it off on the other days. Right! Of course, there are those of you out there in burger land that simply prefer the good ol' juicy plain burger. Nothing wrong with that! Now, let's get on with the celebration.

September 18 is not another burger day for you to Bite my...burger! It's...

National Cheeseburger Day

Fire up the grill or head to your favorite restaurant on National Cheeseburger Day!
If it is still too hot to grill outside, simply pan fry.

Julia Child's Pan Fried Thin Burger

There are several theories about the origins of the cheeseburger. One story claims that the cheeseburger was created between 1924 and 1926 by a chef named Lionel Sternberger. As the story goes, a homeless man dining at Sternberger's restaurant in Pasadena, California, suggested the addition of a slice of cheese to his hamburger order. Sternberger complied, eventually added it to his menu, and the rest is history.
Photo courtesy Herman Schultheis/LAPL Photo Collection
Today cheeseburgers are a staple at restaurants and backyard celebrations all across the country. Hungry yet? Enjoy a delicious cheeseburger in honor of National Cheeseburger Day!

SMILE...Everybody likes a good deal!

 Is your mouth watering yet?

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