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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have your cake...& eat it too!

Desserts, snacks and treats find a place in time on any given day of the week. There is no magic minute or hour. When the craving for something sweet hits, it hits...right then, right NOW! For cake's sake, for the love of cake, on this day you get to have your cake & eat it too!

November 26 is...

Great day to get the kids in the kitchen! Let Them Eat Cake!

http://www.punchbowl.com/holidays/national-cake-day One can find or bake pound cakes, bundt cakes, cupcakes, layer cakes, sheath cakes, icebox cakes, cakes that are breadlike, some with pudding, some without; butter cakes, cheesecakes, foam cakes, fruitcakes, spice cakes, sponge cakes, coffee cakes, even yeast cakes; plain cakes, decorated cakes, cakes that are round, square, rectangular, 1-2-3 or more layer cakes; vanilla, chocolate, nutty or velvety cakes; French, German, Italian or American, and of course, the haunt your dreams cake! And, that is only a beginning!

With so many different varieties of cake, how does one choose? It is all a matter of taste and preference. For your divine pleasure, the cake for today is the haunt of MY dreams cake - the Italian Cream and the many ways it can be prepared. With the holidays approaching, its possibilities are endless!

 Just the way I like it, uh-huh! Creamy, crumbly, moist, melt-in-your-mouth Italian Cream Christmas Cake (Recipe)

Too much of a good thing? Maybe something a bit smaller is more to your taste...

 Italian Cream Cupcakes (Recipe)

Perhaps you had rather bundt it...

Italian Cream Bundt Cake (Recipe)

Ever tried adding a bit of orange? Great for the holidays...

Fresh Orange Italian Cream Cake (Recipe)

What about caramelizing? Brown sugar is the shortcut to quick caramel flavor in both the cake layers and the frosting. 

 Caramel Italian Cream Cake (Recipe)

You really didn't think I would leave out the CHOCOLATE, did you?

Chocolate Italian Cake (Recipe)
The chocolate version of the classic Italian Cream Cake

Need more ideas?

Can't leave without a Brief History Of Cakes...

The world's first great bakers were the ancient Egyptians. Their large-scaled bakeries produced unleavened breads and cakes that were first baked on hot stones. The Egyptions were the first to discover how to use wild (natural) yeast to make the flatbreads and cakes rise. Round cakes descended from the round loaves of dough placed on hearthstones to bake. Whipping eggs to make cakes rise did not appear until another few millennia. By the 1840s, baking soda had been invented, followed by baking powder in the 1860s. It was with the invention of regulated temperatures in ovens and the more prevalent availability of sugar that led to more baking and increased creativity in the recipe department. The modern cake as we know it began to take shape in the mid-19th century.
Now, all you have to do is get to work and get it made! Then, have a slice...

 Forks ready!

Is your mouth watering yet?


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