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Thursday, October 9, 2014


There are two celebrations coming up that definitely go hand-in-hand! One concerns cakes and the other, well, a major cake ingredient, eggs! Of course, there is such a thing as an eggless cake but for this celebration, the eggs are part of the recipe! 

October 10 is...

National Cake Decorating Day

Practice your unique technique, try out a new kind of frosting, or create a one-of-a-kind design to celebrate. This day is more than mere sprinkles!

Cake decorating is an art form requiring patience & experience. Remember to let your cake cool completely before icing. Stock up on all the important supplies: pastry bags, decorating tips, sprinkles, sugar flowers, accessories & cake toppers. For ghoulish goodies, check out Halloween Cake & Cupcake Supplies.
Invite some friends over for a cupcake-decorating competition in honor of National Cake Decorating Day!

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

 Bake the cupcakes, freeze & decorate
on Halloween! (Recipes)

October 10 is also...

The incredible edible  egg! Some say there is Nothin' to just one egg! October 10 is just the day to put that statement to a test. The second Friday in October is celebrated as World Egg Day since eggs are literally eaten all over the world! It is interesting to note 98% of the eggs produced are eaten in the country responsible for their production.

Eggs are so versatile found in a diverse variety of recipes. Not only are they known for their diversity but also the fact that there are many Different Types of Eggs from A to Z! Eggs have been known to be eaten raw to hard-boiled and everything in between including simply devilish goodness that declares you cannot eat just one (half, that is). This little devil of an egg even has its own day of celebration - National Deviled Egg Day that comes much later in the year.
Now is the time to pair those eggs with other ingredients and get ready for the cake decorating! Have fun on this dual of a celebration! Of course, you are not limited to just cake for the egg dish(es)!
Soft-boiled Egg Cake (Recipe)
You can always start the day with
  the Country Breakfast, just don't forget the
homemade biscuits,
country ham and red-eye gravy!

 Is your mouth watering yet?

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!