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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A 'Toast' to You

Bread is a primary food staple. Because of its diversity there is hardly a day that goes by when one does not eat some form of bread. It may be toast in the morning for breakfast, two slices in your favorite lunch sandwich or buttery garlic bread for dinner. Most of the time the bread is store bought from the bread aisle of the grocery store but sometimes it is ordered fresh from a bakery. Then, there are those occasions when it is homemade!

November 17 is...

A Bit of Bread Trivia...
Bread was so important to the Egyptian way of life that it was used as a type of currency. Even more interesting is the fact they revered it so much they would often place it in the tombs of their dead. Early Egyptian writings urged mothers to send their children to school with plenty of bread and beer for their lunch.
Crunchy Whole Grain Bread (Recipe)
A toast to all who bake that yeasty goodness known as homemade bread! YUM! Old-fashioned bread making may be time consuming but oh my goodness! Nothing beats the aroma of fresh bread as the yeast does its work while the dough rises in the warmth of the oven.
That, my friends, is only secondary to the taste. Hot and buttery with almost melt in your mouth goodness. Most recipes say let it cool before slicing and use a good serrated knife. If your desire gets the best of you, just claw a hunk while it is still warm. Totally irresistible! You can always let the rest cool, then, evenly slice to get that professional sandwich look. I do wonder how many loaves never make it to the dinner table. 

Bread making has been around for centuries being a part of daily routines for most families. The morning would begin with tantalizing homemade biscuits with the loaves being the highlight of the later meals. Today, bread making has been made easier with the invention of bread machines that do the work which once was only achieved by hand...just the right touch at that!

A Few Fun Bread Facts...
~It takes 9 seconds for a combine to harvest enough wheat to make about 70 loaves of bread.
~Each American consumes, on average, 53 pounds of bread per year.
~An average slice of packaged bread contains only 1 gram of fat and 75 to 80 calories.
Well, enough of the bread 'talk', let's get to work and get it made...

  Easy No-Knead Herb Bread (Recipe)

Easy Overnight Old-World Dutch Oven Bread (Recipe)
Fairly light for a whole grain bread!

Check out the Bread Pan on Pinterest!
You are not limited to loaf bread...what about a great Colombian snack?

Pan de Queso (Colombian Style Cheese Bread) (Recipe)

Garlic-Parmesan Cheese Pull Apart Bread (Recipe)

Last, but by no means least...

Our Favorite Homemade Sandwich Bread (Recipe)

Are you the bread maker or does someone else in the family take on the task? Legend has it that whoever eats the last piece of bread has to kiss the cook.


Is your mouth watering yet?

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!

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