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Friday, February 7, 2014

Today is Poppin'!

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It's not popcorn that's poppin' but bubble gum...it's Bubble Gum Day! Go ahead, blow the Biggest, Baddest Bubble ever! Even though the origin of this day is relatively new (2006), folks (both young and old alike) have been chewing, chomping, smacking, blowing and popping gum for ages. Of course, along with all of the jaw motion and sounds, kids have been annoying teachers for just about as long to the extent of it being banned in a vast majority of schools. In addition, chewing gum can be a sticky situation, especially if handling with your fingers or sticking it under a desk or table when you think you are about to be caught. Yuck! Disgusting!

Today, the ban has been lifted! This is the day when kids are encouraged to chew gum in school. That's right but for a very good reason - it is for charity! However, let us not forget to show respect and do NOT put the ABC (already been chewed) gum under your desk or any desk for that matter, even the lunchroom table! When extended a privilege, how about NOT misusing it!

Here's how the charity works:
On Bubble Gum Day, everyone who donates 50 cents or more gets to chew gum in school, with proceeds going to any charity the school chooses. Kids have fun, while raising money for a good cause. Some creative teachers even incorporate bubble gum into their lessons for the day!
The celebration isn’t limited to schools - many libraries, community centers, and even businesses hold bubble gum day events. After all, why should kids have all the fun?
Bubble Gum Day

Rather not risk the bubble gum in the classroom or library?

Of course, as with most things in life, there is often an alternative. Maybe you are a classroom teacher who doesn't want to take the risk of having the gum in class. Even though it has been reported to be a brain stimulant, it can be very annoying.

Cupcakes are ALWAYS a winner! Instead of putting the gumball on top since the flavor is also in the cupcake, substitute a maraschino cherry. That's YUMMY!

For Recipe, click HERE!

Go out and get you some bubble gum or bake some Bubble Gum Cupcakes...either way have fun while benefiting a charity at the same time!
Have you ever blown a bubble this big?

Do you remember Frenchie? POP-ular in the 60s!