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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello, World!

The art of communication in the 21st century is phenomenal. Today it is possible to communicate with someone globally with the click of a button or mouse. Technology has advanced systems via airways that allow for both sound and video correspondence, as well as entertainment. Between 1911 and 1977, the first messages sent around the world and out of this world exemplified technology, science, and inventions progressing at an accelerated rate. It is of no surprise that on this day are two celebrations related not only to corresponding but peaceful communication.

November 21 is...

Ever had a bad day where it only took a single word, "hello", "hi", or someone asking "How are you?" to make you feel better? Such a simple gesture showing that someone cares, especially when accompanied by a smile, can do so much! Now, think about the power of communication on a global aspect. 

Our world is vast is terms of cross country travel but rather small when transmitting via the airways. The gist of World Hello Day is to bring a sense of community to everyone around the world. The history of World Hello Day dates back to its creation in 1973. The 70s were plagued with conflict so a day of communicating peacefully was a welcomed change from the animosity and violence across oceans. Today, world conflicts are still centerfold. The purpose of World Hello Day is encouragement to reach out in a voice of peace settling any disputes, reaching resolution peacefully, rather than forcefully. Unfortunately, as with events of the present, there must be willingness on all parties to both talk and listen.

On this day, create the domino effect and start a chain of communication. The more you greet peacefully, the more that will be greeted peacefully as each 'hello' is passed along. This celebration is the 42nd Hello World Day. Keep the voice of peace moving along loud and strong!

While we cannot join hands literally, we can certainly join voices!

Since its inception with the progress of television has come controversy over whether it is healthy or not, good or bad. Yes, the TV has opened windows to the world allowing insight into people and places only once part of the imagination. But, has it overstepped the boundaries of integrity and morality? While this may be true that is not this day's focus and will just have to wait until another day. 

The United Nations (UN) declared each November 21 as World Television Day. Must be serious coming from the United Nations, which means the UN hasn't established this day to encourage watching more TV or our favorite programs and comedies.

World Television Day is not a celebration of the tool but brings insight into the world of television, attention to world events, threats and conflicts, why they are happening and what is being done to prevent further issues from arising. It is a celebration of the philosophy which it represents, it is the significance of television in today’s international issues. World Television Day highlights how communications can facilitate social and cultural development, and encourages cooperation and partnerships in international media.

    Television is universal.

 To keep tabs about what is happening on the day, visit the World Television Day website.