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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Get it FAST!

Fast food restaurants have taken over the country! There is hardly a street corner that does not house either a sandwich shoppe, hamburger joint, hot dog stand, chicken shack, pizzeria, taco drive-in or almost any eatery thinkable. That makes this next day of celebration open to a multitude of choices. The day in yours to eat what you want, when you want without the hassle of cooking and clean-up at home (that is, unless you carry out to eat at home). Just remember, in most cases, the calories are HIGH so choose wisely!

November 16 is ...

National Fast Food Day
 a very American holiday
The U.S. has more than 300 fast food chains, representing 40% of the nation’s total restaurant sales. Americans spend more than $110 billion on fast food annually, on cuisine that ranges from barbecue, fried chicken and pizza to Chinese food and Tex-Mex. Read MORE, learn about what constitutes 'fast' food and discover the Father of Fast Food...
First choice in fast food...

Burger 'n' Fries

Unfortunately, while fast food may be 'fast' in preparation saving time for the very busy population that is always on the go, it is not the healthiest. Is this what we are coming to...
Fast food has definitely become a way of life in the 21st century. At least there are choices to be made with hopefully the right one coming at the right time. Which shall it be... 140 calories for a White Castle Slyder or 1061 calories for a Burger King Cheeseburger, Double Whopper? How hungry are you anyway?

Do we really want to know the secret ingredient?

Is your mouth watering yet?
Enjoy but choose wisely!

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!

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