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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Men in the kitchen!

Time for the ladies to be pampered and their men to don the aprons! For sure, being served dinner is a welcomed change from all the regular preparation and cooking. No one deserves a break more than the girlfriends, wives and mothers (that includes mother-in-laws)!


Is your man, or are you the man, who doesn't cook at all but have possibly had thoughts of pulling off a terrific surprise? Perhaps the man of the house is the grill master but not necessarily the master of the kitchen. Now is his chance. This is really a national holiday putting all kidding aside. There is even a website that features reasons for definitely participating in this celebration including simple recipes to get everything started. 

Basic rules...

interference policy for the women of the household,
feeding the resulting meal to the dog, nor

OK, guys, get to work and get it made! Serve it up manly style!

What shall I cook?
What shall it be?
Something tasty
Made from the sea

Quick Shrimp Chowder (Recipe)

Not into seafood
Maybe beef & sausage will do
A hearty pot pie
Italian through & through


Italian-Style Pizza Pot Pie (Recipe)

 Still not sure?
Something spicy perhaps
Thanks to the Chinese
Saucy chicken wraps

Hoisin Chicken Wraps (Recipe)

Don't forget dessert!
If anyone asks
The best is chocolate
Serve it first or last

Chocolate Pots (Recipe)

Is your mouth watering yet?

Next on the Calendar...Bears & Chocolate, part 1!