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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Queen of Disco

Today in Music History: November 11, 1978

As with many 'kings' in the music arena, there are also numerous 'queens': Aretha Franklin, "Queen of Soul"; Mary J. Blige, "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul"; Koko Taylor, "Queen of the Blues", Tina turner, "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll", Mahalia Jackson, "Queen of Gospel", Janis Joplin, "Queen of Psychedelic Soul" just to name a few. Today, one more is added in the spotlight, the "Queen of Disco".

Donna Summer: singer/songwriter who became the "Queen of Disco" in the 70s

"Queen of Disco" is name most fitting to this music icon for Donna Summer was instrumental in catapulting underground dance music out of the clubs of Europe into worldwide domination. Her unique style and sounds merged R&B, soul, pop, funk, rock, disco into experimental concepts that rocked the world.
Maintaining an unbroken string of hits throughout the 70s and 80s, most of which she wrote, Donna holds the record for most consecutive double albums to hit #1 on the Billboard charts (3) and first female to have four #1 singles in a 12 month period; 3 as a solo artist and one as a duo with Barbra Streisand.

A five-time Grammy winner, Donna Summer was the first artist to win the Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female (1979, "Hot Stuff") as well as the first-ever recipient of the Grammy for Best Dance Recording (1997, "Carry On"). In 2004, she became one of the first inductees, as both an Artist Inductee and a Record Inductee (for 1977's "I Feel Love") into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in New York City. [Source: Donna Summer Biography]
1978 Donna Summer started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with her version of Jimmy Webb's 'MacArther Park', also a hit for actor Richard Harris in 1968, (made No.5 in the UK). Also on this day Summer went to No.1 on the US album chart with Live And More.

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Trivia Teasers for Tuesday...

1973 Thirty US radio stations broadcasted a 'live' Mott The Hoople concert. In reality it was the band recorded in the studio with the applause dubbed in. 
1999 Britney Spears won four MTV Awards; Best Female Singer, Best Pop Act, Best Song, '...Baby One More Time', Best Breakthrough Artist. Best Rock Act went to The Offspring, Best Male Act, Will Smith and Bono won the Free Your Mind award.
2004 Coldplay fan Sarah Sainsbury wrote to the band asking for their autographs so she could sell them to raise funds at her school charity. Coldplay sent her a triple platinum disc worth over £4,000.

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...