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Sunday, November 9, 2014

'nilla, 'nilla, Vanilla!

Vanilla, vanilla beans, vanilla extract! Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Think of only one word: vanilla. Can you taste it? Can you smell it? Yep! You can taste it, smell its succulent aroma just by saying the word. Vanilla is one of those powerful ingredients that is just HARD to beat in flavor and aroma! Did you know vanilla is the second most expensive spice, after saffron? Why is it so expensive? Don't go any further until you clicked the link It's About Time You Knew Exactly Where vanilla Comes From! then, get ready to celebrate.
November 10 is...

Vanilla Cupcake Day

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Dessert lovers more often than not choose either vanilla or chocolate as their flavor of choice. One of life's sweetest simple pleasures is the cupcake. Take a vanilla cake batter, bake 'til golden brown, slather with a rich, creamy vanilla frosting and voila! you have the best snack cake around that is even a terrific breakfast food. Vanilla cupcakes are a delightful treat for children’s birthday parties, weddings, and everywhere, any time in between. Whether decorated with simple store-bought frosting or a state-of-the-art design, vanilla cupcakes are a delicious dessert for people of all ages.

Did you know that cupcakes are called “fairy cakes” in England? The name is inspired by the idea that the miniature cakes are the perfect size for a party of fairies to enjoy. Celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day by baking cupcakes for your kids, friends, or coworkers!

 Favorite Vanilla Cupcakes (Recipe)

  White Linen Cupcakes (Recipe)

 Iconic Funfetti Cupcake /Vanilla Buttercream Duo Recipe

 For breakfast, have your vanilla and chocolate flavors, too AND coffee!

 Tiramisu Cupcakes...and Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
Is your mouth watering yet?

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