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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How swe-e-et it is!

Turnovers, fold overs and today popovers! How swe-e-et it is! So many different names, yet each has its own way with our sweet tooth. So, pop on over to the kitchen and bake up some of today's tasty, puffy treat!

September 1 is...

What is the difference between a turnover and a popover? A turnover is any type of sweet or savory pastry made by filling dough and then folding it over to seal it (often referred to as a fold over). A popover is by simple definition a type of bread roll that is very light and made from eggs, milk and flour. Delving deeper into popovers uncovers British roots. The British Yorkshire pudding is comparable to what Americans affectionately call “popovers.” But, what actually is Yorkshire pudding? It is a popover made of baked unsweetened egg batter, typically eaten with roast beef. While these delicious rolls often go quickly during a meal, if you make extras, freeze them for future use, which for us Americans can be filled with sweetened cherries or cherry syrup for celebration.

Why not start your day with a breakfast popover?

Easy Homemade Popovers Recipe
The lovely thing about popovers are these big, gorgeous crowns that burst (or pop) over the top of the pan!
Basic Popover Recipe with Cherry Filling Recipe
  The popovers come out of the oven with perfect golden brown crowns, and hallow insides ready for a scoop of syrupy cherries.
Fanny Farmer Cookbook's Popovers Recipe
 Brown 'n' Crusty Outside and Creamy Inside

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!

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