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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Drupelets 'n' Cream

 for 'First Sunday' Triple!

Apples 'n' cinnamon, strawberries 'n' chocolate, cherries 'n' almonds, grapes 'n' cheddar cheese, are combinations that satisfy our cravings. The best are those served with cream - ice cream or whipped cream - strawberries 'n' cream, peaches 'n' cream, and today's guest of honor drupelets 'n' cream, raspberries, that is! The raspberry consists of a cluster of small, juicy, reddish-pink drupelets that make your mouth water just thinking about them. With that being stated, let's celebrate!

August 7 is...

National Raspberries 'n' Cream Day


This day boasts the time-honored dessert tradition of serving fresh fruit in heavy, delicious cream, pouring fresh, chunky fruit sauces over vanilla ice cream, topping the fruit with freshly whipped cream or including the fresh fruit in a baked treat, such as muffins, pie, even cake. Not just any fruit...but raspberries in celebration of National Raspberries 'n' Cream Day.

  • Raspberries belong to the rose family. Another 'rosy' fruit includes strawberries.
  • There are over 200 species of raspberries.
  • Red is the most common raspberry. However, this luscious fruit is not limited to just one color. Black raspberries are also common, but they can also be yellow or purple.
  • Raspberries are nutritious - rich in Vitamin C. They also produce more fiber per calorie than any common fruit – even prunes!
  • These little beauties require bathing ONLY when they are ready to be used in a recipe or eaten. 

Unlike sweet fruits like Strawberries & Cream or Peaches and Cream, raspberries are far more tart. Thus, adding an extra sprinkling of sugar on top of the dish along with the whipped cream will provide just the right amount of sweetness. Or, mix the raspberries and cream into a completely different sweet dessert that will help complement all of the tart, juicy, creamy flavors, without dumping a ton of sugar into the blend!




Is your mouth watering yet?


yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!