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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun! Fun! Fun! Triple play!

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Ready to hike along a wooded trail? What about a picnic? Like to grill or enjoy grilled food? Bring on the rest and relaxation away from the stress and busyness of the hectic workday. The coming celebrations are definitely reminders of having the cake and eating it too! What a grand way to end the month of August, not with just one named 'day' but three!

August 31 is...

Eat Outside Day


Prepare to set the table on the porch or patio, or spread a blanket on the ground. If you prefer to dine out, be sure to choose a restaurant where you can eat on an outside deck. This is the day to enjoy some fresh air hopefully without sweating too much in the sweltering, unrelenting August heat. With it being the end of the month, temperatures should be cooling down somewhere but unfortunately not everywhere. Find a good shade tree or maybe head out of the house in the early morning hours before the day's temps begin to rise. Um-m-m-m? Who said eating outside could not commence at breakfast time! However and whenever you decide to celebrate just don't forget the knork and be sure to make the day family time! 

While deciding where to go and what to eat, keep in mind...


August 31 is also ... 
International Bacon Day
aka Baconmania!

Ah-h-h-h...the aroma of bacon baked or fried, the sound of bacon as it sizzles in the oven or pan, the feel of choppin' bacon for a salad or placing bacon strips on a sandwich or burger, and of course, the taste of bacon as tastebuds become absorbed in flavor bursts of pure delight. Are you craving bacon yet? If not, you should be...so get it ready for the picnic, grill some bacon burgers or be sure to include bacon in one of your menu items if dining out. Ever tried frying bacon and eggs in an iron skillet on the grill? Yum! Bet it's breakfast time somewhere around the globe!

Bacon is celebrated every year with the photo at left maybe going a bit overboard but the point well taken: A toast to bacon! Did you know that bacon originated in China? What about in the year - 1500 BC during the Shang Dynasty? That's a long, long time for people to have been enjoying bacon and solidifies the fact that bacon has been consumed for centuries upon centuries upon centuries. Whether cured or fried extra crispy, its decadent, rich, indulgent flavor calls for more, more, more! Did you know the average American eats 17.9 lbs of bacon each year? That is just one of basic 17 Mouthwatering Facts About Bacon...
The third and final celebration for this day is a snack that can be enjoyed throughout the morning or afternoon while preparing to eat outside or prepping the bacon.

August 31 is also...
National Trail Mix Day
aka GORP Day
"Good Old Raisins and Peanuts"

There is always the need to have snacks available any day, any time of the day. One of the best between meals snack is Trail Mix, aka GORP"Good Old Raisins & Peanuts", which can be purchased at the store or made fresh at home.
In New Zealand, trail mix is known as scroggin or "schmogle". The term is also used in some places in Australia but usage has only been traced back to the 1970s. Some claim that the name stands for Sultanas, Carob, Raisins, Orange peel, Grains, Glucose, Imagination, Nuts or Sultanas, Chocolate, Raisins and Other Goody-Goodies Including Nuts; but this may be a false etymology. Source: wikipedia.org
As for GORP, it doesn't have to stop with just the raisins and peanuts, no, sir! Toss in the Chex, sunflower seeds, favorite cereal, M&Ms, chocolate chips or chunks, pretzels, dried fruits (banana slices, pineapple chunks, cherry bits), dates, coconut flakes, almonds, pistachios, cashews, pecans, whatever tickles your nose or fancies your taste buds. Since August 31st is also Eat Outside Day and International Bacon Day, plan a hike outdoors and don't forget to toss in some crispy fried bacon pieces into baggies of Trail Mix to snack on along the way.

Recipes to be enjoyed at some time throughout the day...
Click the image or the name of the recipe!

For Eat Outside Day...


For International Bacon Day...

Add bacon to the Juicy Grilled Burgers or

Wondering what to have for dessert?

Click HERE for recipe!

For Trail Mix Day
enjoy a munchie between meals...




yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!


On the horizon...

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