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Saturday, August 20, 2016

♫Best of My Lo♥e♫

There are love songs and then, there are LOE! songs. At the hint of a certain melody, the emotional sting can bring on thoughts of bliss or trigger times poisoned by only painful memories. The 'best' loe of the moment may or may not have been the ever-lasting loe. A step back in time takes us again into the 70s. The music definitely hints of the disco era but comes from "a group whose core values couldn't have been more different from the hedonism that era has since come to symbolize [Source: history.com]."

Today in Music History: August 20, 1977


The Emotions A family act in the truest sense is a perfect description for The Emotions, who began their singing career as The Heavenly Sunbeams. Three sisters, Sheila, Wanda and Jeanette Hutchinson began performing gospel music publicly while still in grade school (ages 3, 4, and 5) under the guidance of their father, Joseph. It was only a matter of time and meeting the right persons (The Staple Singers) for the group to crossover to secular soul and R&B. Producer/songwriter Isaac Hayes was instrumental in helping The Emotions score several moderate R&B hits over the next seven years. 'So I Can Love You' reached the pop top 40 and another, 'Blind Alley', was later sampled as the basis of Mariah Carey's massive 1993 hit, "Dreamlover."

Performing as the Hutchinson Sunbeams until 1968

The Emotions - 1977

The Emotions - 1985

The groups most successful moment to date...

1977 The Emotions started a five week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Best Of My Love', it made No.4 in the UK. The song was written by Earth Wind & Fire members Al McKay and Maurice White and was also produced by White. It won the 1977 Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance by a Group.

A Bit of 'Loe' Trivia...
Songwriter Maurice White sued Mariah Carey and C+C Music Factory for plagiarizing this song for Mariah's 1991 #1 hit "Emotions" (C+C produced the song for Mariah). Said White, "Sampling is one thing, but she took the whole song." The lawsuit was settled out of court. 
Even though The Emotions have not had a successful R&B single since the mid- 1980’s, they remain sources of inspiration and admiration for the female trio and quartets that followed them. Their harmonious collaboration is untouchable and the heavenly, dulcet tones are incomparable. Only the 90’s female group En Vogue has come close. But their family ties are closer--just ask anyone, including their neighbors! (Source: SoulMusic.com)

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...