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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chicken...FRIED Chicken!

Let's TALK Chicken!
We have celebrated National Poultry Day and there has even been an occasion focusing on Let's TALK Chicken. Mouth-watering goodness is even declared From Mountaintop to Stove Top with the Colonel's claim to fame. So the next celebration should come as no surprise. Yep! It is all about chicken, not just any chicken, and the best is a southern recipe that has become world renown. 

July 6 is ...

This is the day when picking up the food with your fingers and gnawing the bones are definitely allowed because we are talking about America's comfort food! The outer crust says 'crunch' with each bite as a succulent mixture of spices roll off your tongue melded with juicy goodness. Is your stomach beginning to rumble? Of course, with each serving of fried chicken comes choices...leg, thigh, wing, back, wishbone, breast. Perhaps you have a fav but it really doesn't matter just so it is FRIED...preferably Southern Fried
AND, it can be paired with just about anything your taste buds desire. This bird does not demand being eaten alone, although it can without any difficulty at all. What is your fav chicken partner: buttermilk biscuits, waffles, pimiento cheese, sweet potato skins, fried green tomatoes, mac 'n' cheese, corn-on-the-cob...? Endless possibilities!

Dine out or fry your own at home!

Just be sure to make it FRIED!

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!