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Friday, July 1, 2016

Made in USA!

This entire weekend is devoted to the 4th of July with the countdown actually having begun on Thursday, June 30! Why so many days since the fourth day in July is one day? Because it takes that long, or longer, to get prepared for all the celebrations with family and friends. USA, all the way! Good food, good times...all in the name of freedom!

July 2 is...

Made in the USA Day

With all the shopping that it takes in getting everything ready, additional shopping might be in order for just the right thing to wear. There should be, of course, certain stipulations... 

Colors: red, white & blue with the Made in USA Label...

The Made in the USA Foundation is dedicated to promoting products manufactured in the USA, as well as products assembled in the USA. We strive to create a community of USA success stories. Our online platform serves as a tool for shoppers, and as a resource for manufacturers. The Foundation also pursues litigation and legislative activity to strengthen and uphold labeling laws and standards. We hope to encourage American values around the world, raising the bar concerning minimum wages, environmental standards, labor rights, and human rights, including eliminating child labor. Most importantly, we work to create good-paying jobs in the USA and a sustainable, environmentally sound, and healthy economy. [Source: Made in the USA Foundation]
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Debuted for the first time on July 4, 2014, United Shoes of America is the only children’s sneaker brand made entirely from U.S. materials and components from ShoeString Shoes.






How many articles of clothing or items do you have in your household with the Made in USA label?