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Saturday, July 23, 2016


In the mood for something south of the border? It's tequila time! Back in February Awakenings featured Have your drink & eat it, too! in celebration of Margarita Day. Not only were classic margarita recipes for this ultra popular cocktail provided but also scrumptious shrimp and crab recipes along with a margarita pie and cupcakes. The margarita, of course, is not the only tequila cocktail nor is tequila limited to a cocktail. Start the music and get ready to #celebrate!

July 24 is...
National Tequila Day

Just one possibility!

*Over 50 million liters of tequila are consumed every year in America. 
*All tequila must be produced using blue agave and only the agave heart is used to make tequila. 
*Unlike other forms of alcohol, tequila is not a depressant.
*Not all tequila shots need to involve salt and limes. In Spain, for example, they use oranges and cinnamon.
*Despite all signs pointing otherwise, studies have shown that if consumed in moderation tequila can cut the risk of dementia by 37%.
*The Mexican government holds exclusive rights over the name ‘tequila.’ 

Tequila shots are often very popular among tequila lovers. 

While the tequila above never stops pouring, it is merely an image.
Always remember to...

Not one for the cocktail or shooter? Um-m-m-m? Recipe Time...

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