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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cheese Sacrifice?

Whoever is responsible for establishing various days of celebration certainly have a certain wit about 'them'. Today is a prime example. When you think about 'sacrificing' cheese, what comes first to your mind? Buying the best of the best and giving it away as a gift? That would indeed be a sacrifice. Of course, not without trying it first! Then, there are always the scrumptious recipes that call for a generous portion of cheese. Don't you 'sacrifice' the really good cheeses for super delicious dishes? Well, there is an altogether different possibility which is not so appetizing and a bit quirky to say the least.

July 29 is...

Apparently this day's celebration goes way back in time to the days before exterminators and glue traps. Hopefully, the necessity to even set a trap is long gone. But, if you do, beware of the strong, clever mouse!
HELPFUL HINT: Peanut butter (PB) works much better than cheese. Clever mice can snitch the cheese from the trap, but they have to stick around to lick the PB.
An all-American favorite 'mouse' is Mickey Mouse but you do not have to set a trap to catch Mickey. You can catch Mickey Mouse on the TV, Internet, DVD and in the movies. This is the one mouse you would actually invite into your kitchen!

Here are a few recipes to which you just might want to 'sacrifice' that extra flavorful cheese:

Click HERE for ooey gooey recipes!

A BIG round of applause to 'sacrifice' cheese today!

 yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!