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Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot Dogs & Ice Cream

It's summertime! Hot dogs and ice cream are at the top of the list...hot dogs being ideal for a quick lunch or even at supper time demanding very little preparation time. Of course, the hot dogs are center stage on the grill or can be boiled, broiled, even fried! As that item on the menu is completed, the ice cream always brings on additional curtain calls and a standing ovation, especially when it happens to be homemade vanilla. So, are you ready to doubly celebrate with two of America's favorites?

July 23 is...
National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day is a day of celebration for one of the American Classics. Since it occurs during National Hot Dog Month, this will more than likely not be your first hot dog consumed while Jammin' in July. The hot dog will find its place on backyard grills all over the country, at picnics, at the ballpark, sold from carts on street corners, as well as in established restaurants offering the 'best dogs in town'! They are not hard to find. Already hundreds of millions of hot dogs were consumed on the Fourth of July with that neither being the beginning nor the ending of the hot dog treat.
Enjoy National Hot Dog Day to the fullest. Have a couple of hot dogs for lunch or dinner. Don't forget to cook a few on a stick at the evening campfire. Join in on some of the hot dog informal events happening in hotdog-eating communities.
What's in a hot dog? Don't' ask, and it won't be told. Sometimes, its best if you don't know. Or just enjoy the all beef...that way you don't have to wonder!
That's not all to CELEBRATE!

July 23 is also...

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
Vanilla and chocolate vie for the taste buds of ice cream lovers with vanilla topping the list. It is also more refreshing and more versatile. There is Country Vanilla Ice Cream, Old Time Vanilla Ice Cream, Real Vanilla Ice Cream, Homemade Honey Vanilla Ice Cream, Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream, Authentic French Vanilla Ice Cream and would you believe Cardiac Attack Vanilla Ice Cream! Just to a few to consider among many variations!
It's easy to celebrate Vanilla Ice Cream Day on a hot summer day. Enjoy it in a cone, a dish, a float, a shake, or in a cake but especially as the finishing touch to that hot dog meal. Don't stop with just one scoop...have at least a double dip, especially if you prefer it in the cone. Just make sure to eat it quickly, before it melts.
 Add your favorite fruit for extra zesty flavor
along with a couple of piroulines

Are you ready to celebrate? Get to the grocery store if your pantry or frig isn't already stocked with what you need. Have a hotdog cookout being sure to serve vanilla ice cream for the dessert! Have some fun with friends and family - churn your own ice cream being sure to request helping hands :-)

Is your mouth watering yet? 

  yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!