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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

♫50s Car Radio Trivia♫

If you love to listen to the radio (or CD player) in your car, you will love this day's tidbits of history. In fact, this will take you back to the days of good ol' rock & roll way before the invention of the CD player, so just think radio.  
Today in Music History: July 27

1958 Rambler Ambassador Custom

1958 Fans of rock & roll music were warned that tuning into music on the car radio could cost you more money. Researchers from the Esso gas company said the rhythm of rock & roll could cause the driver to be foot heavy on the pedal, making him or her waste fuel.


If the car radio was dubbed an issue, it is no wonder the car record-player was short lived, even if for a different reason.

After the war, as technology and transistors became more commonplace, the physical size (and cost) of a wireless set gradually fell to more reasonable levels, enabling most motorists to buy a radio and whistle while they drove. 

Perhaps the coolest accessory of the 1950s was the in-car record player, a hefty device that mounted beneath the dashboard and meant that any self-respecting Brylcreem'd rocker could tap their finger to the latest vinyl disc from Buddy Holly or Bill Haley. The only slight problem with record playing on the move was that to stop the needle jumping off the records surface while on the move, the stylus had to be a very heavy jobbie, which resulted in vinyl records being scraped away by the downward pressure on the needle. Such impressive audio gadgets were a pricey luxury over a standard radio set, and became a passing fad after a short time only. [Source: OldClassicCar]

Best Sellers in Stores 1958

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...