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Saturday, March 19, 2016


What is your first thought when you hear the word fowl? If you are a sports fan, the answer is extremely familiar. This kind of fowl is not uncommon in baseball and football being heard loud and clear often to much dismay and sometimes disagreement, which can immediately bring about a fowl mood. Today's fowl is none of the aforementioned. We will even be more specific and go for the domesticated fowl - poultry. For many, it is a mainstay. For vegetarians, it is an omit, except for the eggs.
March 19 is...

 National Poultry Day

Today's Talk is Chicken!
This "Fowl Day" is definitely not because of any bad mood, sports-wise or otherwise! Let's Talk Chicken! But don't stop there...also add turkey, duck, goose or pheasant to the conversation. 

There is a whole range of domestic feathered friends to celebrate today that are raised for their meat and eggs. Can you imagine a Thanksgiving, Christmas or other special holiday dinner table without the addition of such fine fowls?  How naked would your fancy salad be without a quail’s egg quivering at the top? How incomplete would that Chicken Pot Pie be without…well…the chicken?

It is for all these reasons and more that we pause and say thank you to poultry for enhancing our diets and giving us opportunities to fight over the wishbone, draw lots over who gets the last drumstick, and encourage sibling rivalry by letting them fight out whose turn it is to crack the egg into the cake batter. Whether it’s a honk honk, gobble gobble, or a cluck cluck, it all sounds the same to meDELICIOUS! What about you?

Not much is known about when or why this holiday came about, but we do know that for thousands of years chickens have been enjoyed for their eggs, meat and free live entertainment! Where would we be without the incredible, edible egg!


Do I have you hungry for chicken for dinner?  Try this one on for size! Hardy, hearty, and healthy! Whew? That's a mouthful. Trying saying that three times fast :-)

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans Recipe

A great dish that has tons of flavor and produces moist, delicious chicken. For a lighter version, you can substitute light or non-fat ingredients and it will still taste amazing! Enjoy!

Sherri's Cheesy Chicken Recipe

Can you imagine the number of times every day that someone takes a package of chicken from the fridge or stands staring at it thawing in the kitchen sink, sighs deeply and mutters to herself, “What the heck am I going to do with it this time?”

Top Ten Chicken Dinner Recipes

The combination of ingredients in this recipe makes a wonderfully sticky and delicious dish and is fabulous with a carrot, cabbage and bean sprout salad.

Sticky Honey Duck Recipe

The flavors in this roast goose recipe, however, are similar to what you’d find in a marinade for a Cantonese roast goose (orange peel, ginger, soy, five spice, garlic, etc). How about we roast potatoes in goose fat? Yep.

Orange Five-Spice Roast Goose Recipe

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