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Friday, July 15, 2016

Corn Fritters & Fresh Spinach

We take what is offered for daily celebration. Sometimes it tempts our palettes, other times not. There are even times when it takes some searching in order to put the two together for some foodie fun.

July 16 is...

 National Corn Fritters Day & Fresh Spinach Day

Hide your naked shame, fritter! You can’t go around nude even if it IS National Corn Fritters Day today. Fortunately, you can use Fresh Spinach Day to cover up in an Adam and Eve style. [Source: Holiday Doodles]

If you are not from the South, it is possible you aren't familiar with a 'fritter'. So, let's start with a few tidbits about the little frit.
If someone asked you to define a fritter, you wouldn’t have to fritter away too much time coming up with an answer. They’re small bites made with a batter of flour or cornmeal, eggs, milk and maybe something stuffed inside. Read MORE...
After reading about the fritter, you are probably ready to tackle the art of deep frying these little nuggets of goodness. Here are but a few of the 'gazillion' recipes available. There is even one at the end with spinach so you can enjoy both celebrations!

Corn Fritters With Crispy Bacon, 
Roasted Tomatoes & Avocado Recipe

Fresh corn, baby spinach, ricotta cheese come together quickly
 for these #vegetarian Corn & Spinach Fritters…Recipe

If you don't want the fritter, try the Corn Spinach Sandwich!

 yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!