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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Coolest 'Cat'


Garfield is the coolest 'cat' around who...
Says "All I do is eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. There must be more to a cat's life than that. But I hope not."
Believes "I'm not over-weight, I'm under-tall." Is outdoorsy "All right, wise guy, I got another game for ya. It's called the "My Claw In Your Butt" game. Now let me out!"
"You can scratch my chair, you can insult my mother, you can beat up my dog, and you can play with my rubber mousie...but you don't eat my food and you don't sleep in my bed."

Along with Father's Day 2016, get ready to celebrate the coolest cat around and don't stop with just one day. Celebrate Garfield style all week long!

June 19 is...

Garfield The Cat Day

Garfield The Cat Day is celebrated annually on 19th June. The day is set aside to honor all things related to the ginger feline. Garfield was famously created by cartoonist Jim Davis and appeared in a cartoon strip on June 19, 1978. Also appearing in the cartoon strip are Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle and his dog friend, Odie.

The world renowned comic (cartoon) strip featuring Garfield is set in Muncie, Indiana. Topical subjects of focus include: obsessive eating, love for consuming lasagne and a distaste of Mondays. Davis took the human faculties that we do not like discussing and anthropomorphised them in our ginger friend.

Welcome to Garfield and the Week!

Sunday Garfield

 Monday Garfield

 Tuesday Garfield
Wednesday Garfield

Thursday Garfield

 Friday Garfield

 Saturday Garfield

Regardless of the Day...

Garfield is the cat's meow! Have a purr-fect day the Garfield way along with a...