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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

'Lightning' Dessert

The more than 4 bite éclair!
If already the thought of a chocolate éclair is making you crave this mouth-watering delicate pastry, read on for delightful, delicious, decadent recipes that take you beyond just four bites of pâte à choux and crème pâtissière. Um-m-m-m? Sounds a bit Frenchy. That's because the éclair is a French pastry. Knowing the 'make-up' of the éclair with its gleaming glaze, crispy exterior, hollow soft interior and sweet cream center provides easy translation for those who are not fluent in French: light pastry dough filled with thick, creamy custard.

 Do you dare indulge in an éclair? 
Pastry light as air, cream filling added flair
Naked and bare it does not stay 
with chocolate glaze its mainstay

June 22 is...
National Chocolate Éclair Day

Traditional French Chocolate Éclair Recipe
Éclair is the French word for 'lightning'. It is believed that the pastry received its name because it glistens when coated with confectioner's glaze. Not much is known about the origin of the éclair, but it is generally accepted that it originated in France around the turn of the nineteenth century.
By definition: “A cake, long in shape but short in duration.”

~Recipe Time~

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For those who rather watch éclairs being made rather than read a recipe...

Now, that's what I call...

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!