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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Juniper Meets Crustacean

Oh, dear! A dual celebration almost slipped right through my fingertips! Never too late to celebrate and like many birthdays can also be a belated celebration, especially the second of the two since it requires food preparation. Anyway, recipes are offered that can be tried on any day of the week, any month. The foodie fun is simply not limited to just this one day only!

June 15 is... 
World Gin Day
(This is also reported as being June 11 so if you celebrated on that day, guess what? You get to celebrate again! Don't you just love the screw-ups on the Internet!!!)

Gin is not limited to just ONE gin. There are as many different types (brands) of gin as there are possible gin cocktail concoctions. Gin is an incredibly popular spirit choice no matter where you are in the world. It is different because of juniper berries being a common ingredient for flavoring. Check out The Gin Guide and the History of Gin. Click HERE...

A little 'gin' music to enjoy along with your cocktail!

  • "Anti-AGin" makes the bizarre claim that drinking it will smooth your wrinkles.
  • There are boutique gin bars all over the country now, and demand is so great, distilleries have doubled in six years.
  • It is very important to eat enough fruit and vegetables - and apparently it's better to garnish your martini with a strawberry rather than an olive.

What about a martini? What is your preferred garnish?
*Strip of lemon peel
*Pearl Onions
*No garnish necessary...just bring on the gin!

This is really NOT necessary...DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

NOT a gin drinker? Cheers with Gin and Tonic Cupcakes...

Remember the alcohol bakes out!

June 15 is... 
National Lobster Day
Tell hubby or your significant other to take you out for dinner tonight!

There are even some restaurants that celebrate National Lobster Day all week long! Who wants to pass up a special on lobster?

Don't forget the gin cocktail before dinner!

Recipe of the day...

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!