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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Are you a kitchen klutz?

Within any month, usually the 'unlucky' 13th day falls on a Friday. Every month does not have a Friday the 13th but every month does have a 13th day. The 13th of June this year falls on a Monday, but not just any Monday. This Monday is associated with the 'unluckiness' of being a klutz. Being klutzy can encompass any number of so-called accidents, such as tripping over your own feet falling flat on your face, walking into a glass door you thought was open, bumping into doorframes, dropping something at every turn, pushing a door that says pull, and so much more. There is one place in the house that is possibly the worse for the klutz and that is the kitchen. So, without further ado, let's celebrate. At least this year the klutz is not paired with Friday the 13th! That would be disastrous!

June 13 is...

National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Are you the one responsible for spilling the milk at the table, causing a dish to smash to smithereens when you 'accidentally' knocked it off the counter, tripping over the rubber mat in front of the stove, dropping the pot before you make it to the kitchen sink, not having enough rice for dinner because more landed on the counter than in the cooker, getting part of your robe caught in the oven door because of its loose fitting, forgetting to put the top on the blender, and oh-so much more? Well, today and every June 13th when it happens, you get to celebrate! This is your day to just go with the flow, let it happen and not stress over it. Just enjoy yourself and...if you see someone in klutz mode in the kitchen today, don't be mean by making them feel bad. Keep the situation on the lighter side of life.
There has never been any bigger kitchen klutz than Lucille Ball who won the hearts of millions! She is the epitome of 'getting flour all over her face' and getting away with it!

For your entertainment!

Perhaps you have never even approached a klutzy kind of day (Yeah, right! How likely is that?) but have a friend or neighbor that fits the bill perfectly. Regardless whether it is you or someone you know, being good at cleaning up the messes is a part of life. When you have a klutzy kind of day, don't fret. Things will happen.  Simply smile at yourself and repeat, "Nice going, grace!

What has been your klutziest moment in the kitchen?

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