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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shout-outs for the Orange Blossom

What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear someone mention orange blossom? There are actually two main “orange blossoms.” One is the most often thing that comes to mind – the flowers of the orange tree. The second one, and less well known or obvious, is a mixed drink. Of course, it doesn't stop with just two. If you live in Florida, you are very familiar with the Orange Blossom being Florida's state flower. There is also the light, golden aromatic orange blossom honey and then, there is Johnny Cash! Whatever the image, get ready to celebrate... #NationalOrangeBlossomDay! 

June 27 is...
National Orange Blossom Day

The delicate orange blossom is well known not only for its sweet as sunshine fresh fruit but also for its intoxicating fragrance. Because of the pollinating bees, we all get to enjoy that unique honey with a faintly orange flavor. Yum! The blossom is also used as a additive to tea, incense, cosmetics, perfumes and in decorative floral arrangements. While it is designated as the state flower of Florida, it is virtually used the world over, especially in culinary dishes! Its citrus flavor adds spark to many dishes. Third only to chocolate and vanilla is the flavor of orange!

~Recipe Time~
 Shout-outs for the aromatic orange blossom

Orange Blossom Muffins Recipe
Honey Orange-Blossom Baklava Recipe
 Orange Blossom Cakes Recipe
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Last, but not least...

Orange Blossom Cocktail Recipe
The popular Orange Blossom cocktail was invented way back during Prohibition, to soften the taste of bathtub gin.
  Orange Blossom Margarita Recipe
We love how the perfume of the orange blossom water — used to wet the rim of the glass — mixes with the tequila and lime in this twist on a classic drink.

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!