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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nothin' to just one egg!

Within the List of Dairy Products, you will not find the egg. By definition, it just doesn't fit: A true dairy product is made by the mammary glands of a mammal. Our daily breakfast eggs usually come from chickens. Chickens are mammals but eggs are not produced from the milk of such mammals. Yet, the egg is often embraced within the same group as dairy products. Even when purchasing eggs at the grocery store, they are found in the grocer's dairy section. We know it as the incredible, edible egg that finds its place among the best of the best recipes as well as being enjoyed as a breakfast staple. With that being said, let's celebrate!

June 3 is...

Eggs are so versatile found in a diverse variety of recipes. Think about having nothing but eggless pies and cakes. Yuk! Not only are they known for their diversity but also the fact that there are many Different Types of Eggs from A to Z! Eggs have been known to be eaten raw to hard-boiled and everything in between including simply devilish goodness that declares you cannot eat just one (half, that is). This little devil of an egg even has its own day of celebration - National Deviled Egg Day that comes much later in the year.

So, how do you like your egg(s)?

There is the possibility of hundreds of ways to cook an egg ranging from varieties that are hard-boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, steamed, omeleted, casseroled, sunny-side up, and over-easy just to name a few. How about Eggs Benedict? YUM! While the average person enjoys the eggs of the chicken, many people all over the world enjoy the delicacy of quail eggs. Ducks and geese also provide tasty gourmet egg varieties.

Potato galettes, served with quail eggs.
Source: en.wikipedia.org
Eggs are full of protein and we know protein gives us energy. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin D. Those add up to eggs being one of the healthiest breakfast (any time) foods around!

What are you having for breakfast this morning? No eggs! The day is not over so enjoy some Eggs Benedict for brunch, Egg Salad Sandwich for lunch or perhaps an Old-fashioned Country Breakfast Supper. Nothin' to just one egg so you better have two!

If you go for the Country Breakfast, don't forget the
homemade biscuits, country ham and red-eye gravy!

Need a few more ideas?

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 Surely there is a recipe absolutely making your mouth water! Get to work & get it made!

yum, yum, yum . . . yummy!