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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Is the German Chocolate Cake really German?

If you like cake, coconut, pecans and chocolate, then, today is the day for you to doubly enjoy...that means, at least two slices, not just one!! Cake is hard enough to resist but add the extra goodies and the demand calls for more, more, more. So, pour a glass of ice cold milk and get ready to indulge for today's celebration is a chocolate layer cake with a rich coconut pecan and coconut filling and a chocolate frosting, topped with more coconut.

June 11 is...
National German Chocolate Cake Day

National German Chocolate Cake Day
Photo Credit: @nowheyjose

What IS German about the German chocolate cake?

Although the name may sound like the cake originated in Germany, it did not.   The cake’s roots can be traced back to 1852 when American, Sam German, made a type of dark baking chocolate for the American Baker’s Chocolate Company.  Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate’s brand was named in honor of Sam German. [Source: National Day Calendar]
Recipes for the German Chocolate Cake vary but all invariably offer a moist chocolate cake as its base, in layers of course. Whole cakes can be iced up, down, all the way around or the top generously covered with excess frosting flowing down the sides. Between the layers is always oodles of the rich, indulgent frosting making every slice even more desirable.

German Chocolate Cake - History of German Chocolate Cake

  ~Recipe Time~
Mama's German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Original BAKER'S German Sweet Chocolate Cake Recipe

 Mom's German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Not into baking an entire cake?

 German Chocolate Cake Cookie Recipe

Mini German Chocolate Cake for Two Recipe

German Chocolate Cake Cupcakes Recipe

German Chocolate Filled Cupcakes Recipe

You don't have to wait until German Chocolate Cake Day to enjoy its scrumptiousness! Maybe you have a special occasion that calls for a special cake!


Trisha Yearwood says every February, when it's Garth Brooks birthday, she makes this beautiful and delicious cake for him. She says last fall, Garth made a sad statement like only three more months until you make me that awesome German chocolate cake again! She made the cake the next day. She doubles the frosting recipe to frost the entire cake, because Garth likes extra frosting, but one recipe will frost the tops of the layers and do the trick just fine- unless you are Garth! If you have some frosting left over, it's good spread on graham cracker or on brownies. Okay, it's also good right off the spoon! Enjoy!

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