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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sexiest Legs

In the 40s, the girl with the "Million Dollar Legs" was none other than Betty Grable and she became a legend that is still hard to beat today. The iconic image became the number- one pin-up of World War II. The emphasis in the photograph is, of course, Grable's beautiful legs. Why were they labeled as such? Because hosiery specialists of the era acknowledged the ideal legs as having measurements of 18.5" thigh, 12" calf and 7.5" ankle. Guess whose legs met those measurements...Betty Grable! So famous were those legs that they were insured by Lloyds of London for one million dollars. That's a lot of moola for the 40s!
One in every five American servicemen during the war owned this picture of Betty Grable. It was, as LIFE magazine acknowledged, one of the photos that changed the world–not least because among the rowdy servicemen who owned the picture was one Hugh Hefner, who would later cite the pin-up as his inspiration behind Playboy. [Source: Iconic Photos]
Question is "What does the million dollar legs from the 40s have to do with an historical account of the 90s?

This Day in History: March 9, 1997

Tina Turner, "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll", is known not only for her killer voice but also her flawless legs. Turner became the spokeswoman/model for Hanes Hosiery on March 8 or 9, 1997 [There is come controversy as to the exact date.].
Turner wore lines like Resilience, Smooth Illusions and Silk Reflections, which were inspired by Turner.  "Tina Turner is an incredible role model and inspiration to all women. The Silk Reflections Irresistible Collection was created as a tribute to Tina and her incredible energy, for women who want it all," Cathy Volker, president, Hanes Hosiery said.  Her Hanes campaign was so well received that Turner topped the sexiest legs survey in 1997.
[Source: This Day in Black History]
Hanes estimated $20 million budget centered around Tina. Her energetic, vivacious personality made her the perfect spokeswoman for Hanes. And, to top it off, she was endowed with those gorgeous legs! 

In 2011, Tina Turner (in her 70s) rocked once again in Hanes (the top-selling sheer hosiery manufacturer in America) Hosiery's Sexy Legs Survey. She beat out well-known celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce Knowles, country music star Taylor Swift, tennis star Maria Sharapova, and pop music sensation Lady Gaga. Way to go, Tina!!!!!
Tina Turner may very well have the most glamorous gams next to Betty Grable's from the 40s!
Are Tina Turner's legs insured? A cool million or perhaps more? What about other celebs and um-m-m? different body parts?

Tina Turner's legs ARE insured...

Tina Turner’s legs are apparently worth over 3.2 million. There was a rumor a while back that her legs were intentionally burned to collect the money, but of course that wasn’t true. Soccer star David Beckham’s legs are valued at over 70 million. The celebrity with the highest valued legs is Mariah Carey. Her famous legs are insured for a value of 1 billion dollars. [Source: Bit Rebels]

Stayed tuned...this is not all that went down in history on March 9!

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