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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hey! What's wrong with weeds?

To the average person, weeds are a nuisance. See a weed. Pull a weed. Of course, that all depends on the kind of weeds and where they are located. Farmers detest them. Children love them. Didn't you ever play with a "dande-fluff"? Then, there are those that take over the lawn providing just the right amount of green where nothing else will grow. These you never pull but mow right over instead! And, believe it or not, some are actually edible.

March 28 is...

National Weed Appreciation Day

Some sources name March 28, while others name March 29 as National Weed Appreciation Day.
Take your choice OR celebrate both days!
Weed Appreciation Day? You've got to be kidding, right? I try my darnedest to keep those pesky little fellows OUT of my flower garden! Why on earth would I want to celebrate an appreciation for something so annoying? They always grow where they are unwanted in competition with other plants, often winning out and becoming totally out of control. It is no problem to name what we all know is wrong with weeds. That is common knowledge. Perhaps we should examine the question in a different perspective that just might shed new light on this weedy matter. Maybe, maybe not!
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Natural environments, gardens, parks and public places are home to huge varieties of plants and flowers, and weeds are an important part of that ecosystem. A number of plants, actually categorized as weeds, are often intentionally grown in gardens because of their natural beauty. Think about how many of these weeds are in fact edible and unsurprisingly very easy to grow! Some weeds in fact attract insects, not just any insects, but those considered beneficial insects. This in turn can actually protect crops from many harmful pests. 
Top View of a Dandelion
A dandelion is a common plant all over the world, especially in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It is a well-known example of a plant that is considered a weed in some contexts (such as lawns) but not a weed in others (such as when it is used as a leaf vegetable or herbal medicine). [Source: en.wikipedia.org]
Have you ever had dandelion coffee, aka dandelion tea, or dandelion wine? Even enjoyed young dandelion greens in a garden salad? There are, of course, those times with the dandelions you may have enjoyed as a child. Did you ever rub the dandelion flower on your skin to extract the yellow color? Maybe you made a dandelion necklace? Perhaps you twirled the stems around watching the dandelion seeds swirl through the air. On National Weed Appreciation Day, consider how much fun you once had with dandelions!

Fuzzy Willow


Simple things of life, warm smiles and hugs
All make the day seem brighter
Butterflies, honeybees, & creepy-crawly bugs
Bring joy and tears amid a child’s laughter

Dandelions, daisies and daffodils
Burst open with a sunbeam radiance
A tiny wren on the windowsill
Enjoys its own ambiance

A brilliantly white cotton-like fluff
Emerges like springtime snow
Light and airy, and strangely enough
Born of the Fuzzy Willow

Running, giggling, having loads of fun
Willow catkins floating in the breeze
A child tries to catch one
Oops! There goes another sneeze

Scurrying to obey a mother’s call
“I love you, Fuzzy Willow”
The soft and fuzzy lint ball
That sets the heart aglow

Sharla Lee Shults

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