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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Go Bananas!

Pies have been around since Medieval times, maybe even way before. Cream pies, puddings and custards were the after meal highlights any day or time. The banana has been around even longer possibly the first cultivated fruit. So, today is the day to go bananas!
  • The entire banana is edible...even the outer peeling.
  • Banana cream pie was ranked the number one favorite dessert among the soldiers of the United States Armed Services in the 1950s.
  • Recipes for banana cream pie can be found in recipe books dating back into the 19th century.

March 2 is...
Banana Cream Pie Day

Spend a little time in the kitchen today whipping up a delicious banana cream pie to share with family and friends. You can make it simple...from a box, or as complex as you desire...completely homemade.  GREAT way to enjoy time with the kids as they help out with either preparation or devouring the end result! Of course, there is always that little bit of snacking along the way :-)

 The Ultimate in Comfort Food
A combination of pastry crust, sweet bananas, & vanilla-flavored pastry cream all covered with luscious whipped cream 

Favorite Banana Cream Pie Recipe
Sweet bananas sandwiched between two layers of yummy custard filling

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Recipe
Whipped cream, chocolate & bananas...doesn't get much better!

Sugar-free Banana Cream Pie Recipe
Homemade whipped cream topped with toasted coconut

Chocolate Chip Banana Cream Pie Recipe
A chilled filling brimming with bananas upon a chocolaty cookie crunch crust

 Banana Caramel Cream Dessert Recipe
A layer of rich pastry cream, fresh bananas, succulent whipped cream, decadent caramel sauce & a graham cracker crust

Banana Cream Cupcakes Recipe
A light fluffy banana cupcake topped with simple vanilla pastry cream & a fresh banana slice

Banana Cream Pie with Caramel Drizzles & Chocolate Sauce Recipe 
A classic Emeril's recipe with a few shared secrets

Dulce de Leche Banana Pie Recipe
Marvelously delicious...the name says enough!

Surely your mouth is watering for some banana yumminess!
Go bananas! Get to work and get it made...pie, that is!