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Life IS history in the making. Every word we say, everything we do becomes history the moment it is said or done. Life void of memories leaves nothing but emptiness. For those who might consider history boring, think again: It is who we are, what we do and why we are here. We are certainly individuals in our thoughts and deeds but we all germinated from seeds planted long, long ago.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Day Some People Would Like to Forget!

Pranks. We are all guilty of either being the prankster or becoming the victim. Practical jokes and mischievousness come about naturally definitely going hand-in-hand. It's fun. It brings on smiles and laughter...some of the time! There are people who absolutely HATE any type of practical joke. They had just as soon forget this day, lock all doors and stay inside until every minute of the day has passed. Um-m-m-m? What about the spouses and kids? They must be locked out of the house perhaps! LOL:)
April 1 ...

On this day in 1700, English pranksters begin popularizing the annual tradition of April Fools' Day by playing practical jokes on each other. Although the day, also called All Fools' Day, has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, its exact origins remain a mystery. [Source: This Day in History]
Some historical April Fool's jokes...
  • In 1957, the BBC reported that Swiss farmers were experiencing a record spaghetti crop and showed footage of people harvesting noodles from trees; numerous viewers were fooled. 
  • In 1985, Sports Illustrated tricked many of its readers when it ran a made-up article about a rookie pitcher named Sidd Finch who could throw a fastball over 168 miles per hour. 
  • In 1996, Taco Bell, the fast-food restaurant chain, duped people when it announced it had agreed to purchase Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and intended to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell. 
  • In 1998, after Burger King advertised a “Left-Handed Whopper,” scores of clueless customers requested the fake sandwich.
Of course, some people go to extreme lengths on April Fools' Day, so beware...it just might be your turn to become a mark in history! Some pranks are mean and messy so know who you are pranking and the best place to prank! 

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