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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let's Talk Chicken!

After being in the ER with my husband from 3AM to 5AM this morning, I find myself in rare form. Ever been so tired you become 'punchy'? Everything you see, everything you say seems funny and you laugh at the silliest things almost to the point of hysteria like running on high from too much caffeine. That's me today and would you believe it led to the topic of conversation being chicken. I know what you are thinking...why chicken? I say, Why not chicken? 

I was once informed you KNOW you are getting old when the topic of conversation becomes bowel movements. I do NOT want to go there so this discussion will remain on the topic of chicken. Whew! Yeah! Thought you would agree.

Embrace the Past...

So, where are we heading with this 'chicken talk'? Maybe we should first take a look at the background of the chicken. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? "The chicken, no the egg, no the chicken, no the egg!" has reverberated throughout history creating probably the most debated question of all time
A chick hatching from an egg Source:en.wikipedia.org

So, whilst the video yields the conclusion of the egg being first, do you agree or disagree? What is the logic behind the basis of your reasoning?

Empower the Present... 

Regardless of which came first, we are now in a world where the chicken, domestic chicken that is, rules the roost. There are more chickens than any other domesticated bird on Earth, which makes it so far down the list of endangered species there is no need to worry. 

With that worry out of the way, we can rest assured there will be enough chickens for decades to come to be casseroled, crocked, crusted, baked, BBQed, boiled, braised, broiled, fingered, fricasseed, fried, grilled, nuggeted, pied, roasted, rotisseried, rubbed, saladed, sandwiched, sauced, sauteed, seared, stir-fried, stuffed and served just about any way we like it. 

Now, I ask you... 

Enrich the Future...

Raise more chickens! Why you may ask? They are not endangered, in fact, their numbers are massive. Here ya' go...the latest scoop...
Chickens may start losing sleep over more than Americans’ love of McNuggets. Chicken consumption in the US creates over six billion pounds of feathers each year. Previously discarded as waste, researchers at the University of Delaware are developing an innovative way to put all that wasted plumage to use — as fuel to power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. If this technology was implemented in a fuel cell vehicle, it would cost about $200, as opposed to using carbon nanotube tanks (which cost about $5.5 million) or metal hydrides (which cost about $30,000).
Source: Chicken Feathers May Fuel Hydrogen Cars in the Future
Good night, all and sweet dreams... buck,buck,,,,, buck,,, buckAHHHH; brrk, brroock, broock, brk-ooock; bwwaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk and bock,bock,bock,bock,bock,begowwwwk! 

NO! I did not make the sounds as I typed or did I

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