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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bock Beer & Ravioli

Personally I never quite cultivated a taste for beer. Thus, there are many, many beers on the market around the world with which I am not familiar at all. For example, Bock Beer. Never heard of it 'til today upon discovering it has its own day! Bock Beer is of German origin first brewed in the town of Einbeck in the 14th century. Not sure who or why this day is celebrated but here it is - a day dedicated to Bock Beer. [Read all the way through...there is more to celebrate on this day!]

March 20 is...
 Bock Beer Day


Click the image to learn why most bock manufacturers put pictures of goats on the labels.
What is Bock Beer?
As for the beer itself in modern day, it is a bottom fermenting lager that generally takes extra months of lagering (cold storage) to smooth out such a strong brew. Bock beer in general is stronger than your typical lager, more of a robust malt character with a dark amber to brown hue.
If you are not a beer drinker, then consider cooking with beer! Yum!

  Bock Beer Brined Corn Beef Recipe

French Onion Soup with Bock Beer Recipe

Bock Beer and Pretzel Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Sweet, Smoky, Spicy Pizza on a Bock Beer Crust Recipe

 Borracho Beans with Shiner Bock Beer Recipe

Don't even like the idea of cooking with beer? Then serve Ravioli instead!

March 20 is also...
National Ravioli Day

How to Make Ravioli

Ravioli is the traditional Italian dish. It looks like the small bags made of the thick boiled dough filled with various stuffing. That may be mushrooms, meat farce, ham, cheese, olives or even just culinary herbs mix with olive oil. Ravioli may be formed as small squares, circles, triangles or rectangles with the finely cut edges. The traditional Italian ravioli are made of the pasta dough and the filling made of the all types of the cut products. [Source: AskWiki]

Four Cheese Ravioli Recipe

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage and Hazelnut Brown Butter Sauce Recipe

  Beefy Baked Ravioli Recipe

Rather watch a video than read a recipe?

 Drink, Eat & Enjoy!

 yum, yum, yum. . .yummy!

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