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Life IS history in the making. Every word we say, everything we do becomes history the moment it is said or done. Life void of memories leaves nothing but emptiness. For those who might consider history boring, think again: It is who we are, what we do and why we are here. We are certainly individuals in our thoughts and deeds but we all germinated from seeds planted long, long ago.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Second Week of November

The First Week of November has passed so on to week two with What's Happenin' and Foodie Fun. As always, if you missed a day in the first week, go back and celebrate like a belated birthday. Mark your calendars for the entire week so preparations can be made ahead of time. This week is LOADED! Are you ready? As you scroll through the week, click each image and the name of the celebration for additional links.
Most of us at some point in time seek out a recipe that is saucy and spicy...something unique, something different from the same-o, same-o, day-in, day-out culinary ideas we grew up on. There is comfort in sticking to foods we know or those that are easy to cook, and uneasiness with stepping outside the boundaries, trying the unknown. This next celebration is your chance to venture outside the standard recipe box! 

November 8 (also 9) is...

Some sources report the celebration of this day on November 8, while others state November 9. Um-m-m? Which one to celebrate? Why not BOTH!

Embrace the Wilderness for on November 8, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed Montana the 41st state in the union. How much do you know about the state of Montana?
The name Montana is based on the Latin or Spanish word for "mountainous." Western Montana is forested and mountainous, the eastern section is a high barren plain
November 8: National Cappuccino Day  

Traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk & steamed-milk foam, cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink. Visit your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a nice warm and delicious cup of cappuccino.

November 9 is...

Never heard of it? Well, it is time to add the word scrapple to your vocabulary while at the same time enjoy Bits and Pieces, Literally!
November 10 is...

Dessert lovers more often than not choose either vanilla or chocolate as their flavor of choice. One of life's sweetest simple pleasures is the cupcake. It's 'nilla, 'nilla, Vanilla!



 On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the signing of the armistice went into effect, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany.

Veterans Day! As you prepare for and/or participate in Veterans Day, know the true meaning behind this day and the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. While they both pay tribute and honor our military, each has its own significant purpose. Click HERE...


Incredible Discovery after the passage of the Enabling Act of 1889 as Washington became the 42nd state to join the union on November 11, 1889.  How much do you know about the state of Washington?

The state of Washington was named after George Washington, our first President. It is the only state in the Union that is named for a president.

November 11 is...

 The summer was jam packed with holidays celebrating ice cream but who says that delicious treat is just for the summer time? Sundaes are enjoyable anytime so enjoy Sundae-Day!
November 12 is...

aka National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day! This is the day to pile it on, no boundaries, except for the anchovies. Check out these Gourmet Pizza Recipes. Did you know the Second Most Popular Pizza Topping has its own day of celebration?

November 12 is...

World Architecture Day (or is it?)

Houston, Texas Hole House
The Texas "Hole House" was in existence for only a few months in 2005.

A bit of correction: World Architect Day is officially October 6 with the World Architect Festival occurring November 4 - 6. Either day makes for an interesting look at some really bizarre designs...Crazzy...just plain cr-r-r-r-r-azy!

This Day in History: November 13, 1982

Vietnam Veterans Memorial


The memorial in its simplicity is breath-taking!

November 13 is...
This day is somewhat baffling because kindness should be passed on every day, not to miss a single day! If you haven't created a positive ripple effect of kindness lately, then, World Kindness Day is the perfect time to start.
November 14 is...

Do you know the pickle of being in a pickle? Of course, the literal meaning of in a pickle does not really reference the edible pickles except when the day of celebration is a pickle of a day. So, remain cool as a cucumber!
Let's not leave without looking ahead to the biggest holiday of November!

How long until Thanksgiving? Click the Turkey . . .
Have you started getting ready?