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Monday, November 2, 2015

A Royal Win!

For those of you following the World Series, you already know the winner is the...

 The Royals' rise in the 9th inning just kept on going!

Game 5, Final - yesterday, 8:15 PM
Citi Field, Flushing, New York
Kansas City
New York

This was not the first Kansas City Royals' attempt at the World Series crown of glory. With the Royals being founded in 1969, it was a long time coming but every step along the way worth remembering. Step back in time to the year 1980 when the Royals were pitted against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The final score ended in favor of the Pirates, 4 - 2. Then, in 1985, the Royals were on the field again this time against the St. Louis Cardinals where the Royals emerged the victor, 4 - 3. Three decades passed before the Royals made it once again to the finals. In 2014, they entered the field against the San Francisco Giants who held their own to win the series by a close call, 4 - 3. That brings us to 2015, which ended in a Royal win! The Royals now have advanced to the series four times, winning two, losing two. 

Who's next? We'll just have to wait until next season! 'Til then...


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