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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Get Figgy

Shoppers everywhere are already encountering signs of Christmas...music is in the air, sales have begun, decorations are being hung in malls and along city streets. Since Christmas is in the not so distant future, it is not surprising to find that National Fig Week is the first week in November. There is much to say about these little 'guys', especially nutritionally and health wise. So, For the Love of Figs! get figgy this week in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

http://karinbeery.com/2014/12/this-history-of-figgy-by-karen-robbins-re-post/We have all at some time or another heard of Figgy Pudding, especially at Christmas time. It has been around since the 16th century and is actually an authentic food item, rather than nothing more than a line in a famous Christmas song. Figgy Pudding is known to be served next to roast goose for a traditional English Christmas dinner
Many Christmas traditions, including the Christmas card, originated in the UK. Yule logs, plum (figgy) pudding, mince pies, fruitcakes, wassailing, the Christmas goose, mistletoe, holly and carol singing, are all firmly rooted in British soil. In fact, the traditional Christmas goose was featured in Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.
Source: British Culture, British Customs, British Traditions
Of course, if you do not care for the Figgy Pudding, there is always the Oh, my! Figgy goodness! of the ever popular Fig Newton, which as soon as you click the link you will note has its own national day. Of course, with the figs versatility, there are numerous recipes for your indulgence throughout the week.

10 Fresh Fig Recipes - Southern Living

 The image at left features Bacon-Wrapped Figs
with toasted pecans to make for an easy, yet impressive, appetizer.
Yum-m-m-m! Just Bacon Me Crazy!

Is your mouth watering yet?


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