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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Second Most Popular Pizza Topping

Among other celebrations, October is...National Pizza Month, so it should come as no surprise for a special pizza to have its own October day. Pizza has many celebrations, such as Pizza Party Day, Pizza! Pizza!...Cheese Pizza Pizza!, Bacon Me Crazy!, and Apple Time! Yep! Each day features its own unique pizza. With its versatility, the pizza can house just about any topping one desires. For this celebration, however, the pizza of the day packs tiny spicily seasoned meaty tidbits.

October 11 is...


Pizza, pronounced 'pittsa' in Italian, is actually Greek in origin with the ancient Greeks claiming credit for the first pizza-like dishes. These included flatbreads covered with oils, herbs and cheese similar to modern pita. From such a simple beginning, the pizza has expanded to innumerable variations boasting sausage — the second most popular pizza topping.
With sausage being a traditional breakfast food, 
start your day with a breakfast pizza:

Maybe a pizza lunch is in order...

 Pizza with Fresh Sausage, Mushrooms and Olives (Recipe)

Need a snack in the middle of the day? 
Ever thought about Pizza Cupcakes? How cool is that!
Um-m-m? Looks like pepperoni peeping out the middle...
that's the best pizza sausage!

Then, of course, there is Dinner: Pizza!
Maybe even try it GRILLED!


 Is your mouth watering yet?


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