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Friday, November 6, 2015


This Day in History: November 6, 1860

One hundred fifty-five years ago today marks the election of one of the greatest American Presidents in our nation's history. The United States one-cent coin, commonly known as the penny, features his portrait on the front with the words "In God We Trust" imprinted above his head. The current $5 bill features his portrait on the front and the image of the iconic memorial established in his honor on the back. The national monument is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. across from the Washington Monument. By now, if not from the very beginning, you should have recognized that today we reflect upon the election of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

The Lincoln Penny was first issued in 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday. It was the first American coin to bear a president's image on its face.

Abraham Lincoln earned his first dollar ferrying passengers to a steamer on the Ohio River in 1827.
 Lincoln Memorial
The first foreign statue honoring Abraham Lincoln was erected in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was unveiled on August 21, 1893. The sculptor was a man named George Edwin Bissell.
Abraham Lincoln's reputation was ingrained with honesty and fairness. His integrity was above reproach long before he was elected President of the United States. 
The future president was first called "Honest Abe" when he was working as a young store clerk in New Salem, Ill. According to one story, whenever he realized he had shortchanged a customer by a few pennies, he would close the shop and deliver the correct change-regardless of how far he had to walk. Source: Great American History
Abraham Lincoln's Hat...

Sometimes Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat was called his "desk and memorandum book" and also sometimes his "filing cabinet". This was because he kept mail, his bankbook, important papers, etc. in it.
A Bit of 'Abe' Firsts & Trivia...

  • Lincoln was the first president to be born beyond the boundaries of the original 13 states. He was the first president born in Kentucky. 
  • Lincoln was the first president to wear a beard
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first president to receive a transcontinental telegraph message.
  • Lincoln, the 16th president, was the first president to be assassinated.
  • Abraham Lincoln spent less than 12 months in all attending schools as a youth growing up on the frontier. Each one was very small, and the lessons were most often taught orally, and schools thus got the nickname "blab" schools.
  • Lincoln's coffin has been moved 17 times, mostly due to numerous reconstructions of the Lincoln Tomb and fears for the safety of the president's remains. The coffin itself has been opened five times: December 21, 1865, September 19, 1871, October 9, 1874, April 14, 1887, and September 26, 1901. In 1876 grave robbers tried to steal his remains. 

For preserving the Union and bringing an end to slavery, and for his unique character and powerful oratory, Lincoln is hailed among the greatest American presidents.

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